Coronado Islands Fishing

Coronado Islands Fishing – 7 Things Fishermen Need To Know

Why Should You Fish In The Coronado Islands? The Coronado Islands are located in Mexico, 20 miles south of San Diego. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but the water is calm, which makes your trip even better since you won’t be traveling far from land while still being able to see dolphins playing around … Continued

San Diego Bay Fishing

San Diego Bay Fishing – 10 Things Fishermen Need To Know

San Diego Bay is a coastal utopia and among the leading fishing spots in Southern California. When you’re exploring Southern California, and you happen to stop by the 12-mile long x 2-mile coastal Bay, you can engage in pier fishing and boat fishing. There is a gazillion of fish in this Southern California deep-water port … Continued

Best Fishing Spots In San Diego

5 Best Fishing Spots in San Diego

If there is one thing that San Diego was blessed with is the world-class fishing spots. Indeed, the state of California is known for some of the greatest fishing places. But no other place in the state can boast of better spots for fishing than San Diego. What then makes San Diego such a good … Continued


Written by Gilbert Rowley SAN DIEGO, CA I never imagined my first saltwater fish on a fly would be a yellowfin tuna. Never would I have thought of myself hooking up with a fish that has been genetically blessed to the point that, pound for pound, it has more power than possibly any other species in … Continued


PLAN YOUR 2021 SUMMER VACATION TO SAN DIEGO. With everything going on the world right now and International travel being restricted and complicated, stay domestic, and choose San Diego, Ca for your next fishing trip! San Diego is a great place to vacation, and just so happens to have a great offshore fishery. With so … Continued


Capt. Mark Martin- Growing up as a kid in Arizona, my family is not surprised to see that I wound up having a career as a saltwater fishing charter captain. Since I could remember I always had a fasciation with water, and even more, what may be swimming in it. I can remember as a … Continued


As spring blossoms and our offshore waters start there upswing in water temperature, the one spring time fishery that has a lot of us charter captains waiting for, is our spring time tuna season off the coast of San Diego. And this means Bluefin tuna. And it can mean some bigger models too… As we … Continued


$75 OFF ALL CORONADO ISLAND 3/4 AND FULL DAY FISHING TRIPS FOR THE REST OF APRIL 2021!!- SEE DETAILS BELOW The start of it all… this article is to help you better understand what we will be fishing when you book a Springtime fishing charter with me.- Capt. Mark As the waters in Southern California … Continued

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