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The waters off of San Diego are our home and I love sharing what they have to offer. My goal is to ensure that you have the best experience and catch possible. I look forward to fishing with you one day soon!


Meet our Captain

Captain Mark Martin

Captain Mark Martin

Growing up as a kid in Arizona, my family is not surprised to see that I wound up having a career as a saltwater fishing charter captain. Since I could remember I always had a fascination with water, and even more, what may be swimming in it. I am the owner of San Diego Saltwater Fishing and my expertise lies in the offshore waters of San Diego chasing Pelagic fish such as Tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail, and more. With thousands of days on the water, I know and understand what it takes to manage our time on the water for the best results. My goal is to create a memorable and fun experience for my clients.


Why we do this

San Diego has a fishery with so much to offer and after the many years of chasing different species from inshore to offshore, I have found my niche, fishing San Diego’s offshore banks for Tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail, and the inshore waters for the SoCal Mako shark. Now with San Diego Saltwater Fishing, I offer trips for fly fishing and conventional bait fishing for both offshore pelagic fish and inshore sharks.

Whether you are a novice that is just getting into the game, a family out on vacation looking to fish, or the seasoned angler looking to lay into some fish, I look forward to one day meeting and sharing my passion for the ocean and “what lives below it” with you.

Why choose us?

Captain Mark and our staff have the expertise to make sure you have the bucket-list trip that you dreamed of. When you book a fishing charter with us, we’ll provide everything you need. You’ll have an experienced captain, gear, tackle, and even big fish reeling. You’ll have to bring your own fishing license, but everything else is taken care of. Just relax and enjoy the adventure as you fish like a pro in the open waters off the coast of San Diego. We’ll make sure you have one of the best fishing trips of your life!

World Class Fishery

Our offshore fishery offers anglers a chance at catching Tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail, and more.


Capt. Mark is an expert in his field being able to provide not just the chance to catch fish, but to provide a great overall experience.


Not only do we get better and more knowledgeable about our fishery every year, but we always seek to improve and refine our technique to give you the highest quality experience possible.


Blue Skies and Open Waters San Diego

We are located at Sunroad Resort and Marina.  This will be the launching point of our adventures out at sea.  Depending on the fishing trip booked, we may be traveling as far South as to be in Mexico waters.  Whether it's just off the coast of San Diego or out to islands and international waters, you're sure to have an exciting adventure wherever we end up!

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